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Sepura Pre-order

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Say goodbye to garbage disposals. Sepura is the best way to deal with food scraps in the home. 

Installing under your sink, Sepura automatically sorts your solids into a sealed, odorless container while allowing all liquids to flow down the drain. After Sepura fills up (roughly 2-4 weeks), you can empty your bin into your green bin program or backyard compost. No mess. No odors. No fruit flies. 

Shipping timeline

This is a pre-order and your unit will ship in Q2 of 2023.


Please refer to these installtion drawings.

Bin Volume: 2.6gallons/10L

Collection Center Dimensions: 15.25in/39cm – 20.25in/51cm [height], 11in/28cm [width], 12.5in/32cm [depth]

Aperture diameter: 3in/7.6cm

Sink mount adapter: Universal 3-Bolt Mount Sink Flange Kit (included)

Dishwasher adapter: 0.5in/1.27cm ID barbed hose adapter (optional)

Drain pipe: Standard 1.5in/3.81cm discharge pipe

Power source: Standard wall plug [AC 100-240V ~1.6A 50-60Hz]

Power consumption: 60Watts when running, daily average: 0.67Wh

Collection Center Filter: Replaceable activated charcoal 0.2in/0.5cm [thickness] filter

    Sepura Pre-order
    Sepura Pre-order
    Sepura Pre-order
    Sepura Pre-order
    Sepura Pre-order
    Sepura Pre-order
    Sepura Pre-order
    Sepura Pre-order
    Pre-order Sepura now and save $100
    Free shipping in Canada & North America
    One year happiness guarantee


    • Septic Friendly

      Sepura was designed to work with septic systems.

    • Easy to Install

      Sepura uses the same connections as a garbage disposal.

    • Allowed Everywhere

      Sepura is permitted everywhere, even where gabage disposals are banned.

    • Sustainable

      Sepura makes living sustainably convenient and odor-free.


    How does Sepura block all odors?

    Sepura has controlled air intakes at the back of the unit. As gross as it sounds, when food rots it naturally heats up. Because hot air rises, we have engineered a filter system into the top of the collection center to neutralize all those orders before they escape the bin. We've even left crab shells in the bin for 6 months before without smelling a thing!

    How often do I need to empty Sepura?

    Depending on use Sepura will need to emptiedevery two to four weeks on average.

    Does Sepura grind food up?

    No, unlike a garbage disposal, Sepura simply seperates solids from liquids as opposed to grinding it up. This is why Sepura is allowed everywhere-- because no food makes it down the drain into your pipes.

    How do I clean Sepura?

    Sepura is self-cleaning so you will never need to clean the seperation component.