“Way cleaner than a compost bin on my counter and always emptying my sink strainer!” - Sue A.

What you should know about Sepura.

How it works

Wash food down your sink, press the button, and empty the compost every 2-4 weeks!

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What can go in it?

From beans to bones, cilantro to celery, Sepura sends foods 3mm and larger into the compost.

What else can go in Sepura

What's in the box?

Sepura includes everything you'll need, from the food separator to carbon filter.

Everything in the box

Will it fit?

Easily tell if Sepura will fit, or if you need the offset adapter by using our Sizing Calculator.

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Happy customers are keeping their kitchen cleaner and the planet happier

Keeps food out of pipes

I love being able to keep solids from going into our almost 40-year-old pipes and being easily able to separate compostable items for our trash. As you may be aware, this is now a requirement in the state of California.

Karen L Verified Buyer

Makes composting easy

Makes composting easier, especially with a toddler in the house. Speeds up dish washing and keeps the sink cleaner. It's a good solution for people on septic like me.

Garrett W Verified Buyer

Totally worth it

Bought this recently and my husband wasn't too convinced. A couple weeks in and I think he loves it more than I do. No more smelly compost to deal with. No more disgusting sink strainer to empty out. It makes composting a lot more pleasant to deal with.

Joanne F Verified Buyer

Your sink made smart

In only 9 seconds, Sepura collects every food scrap you put down your drain in a sealed, odorless, and liquid-free bin under your sink. The best investment you'll make for your home and our planet.

Clean & Convenient

Ditch your messy compost bin for Sepura's clean simplicity.

Helps the Planet

Divert thousands of pounds of methane emissions with Sepura.

No Odors

Eliminate kitchen odors with Sepura's sealed bin.

No Fruit Flies

Keep pests out of your kitchen with Sepura.

Sepura composting garbage disposal how it works

1. Scrape

Scrape your food scraps down your drain with or without water.

how to use sepura sink garbage disposal

2. Collect

Activate Sepura by pressing your wireless button. Sepura will seamlessly collect all scraps larger than half a dried grain of rice in seconds while allowing liquids to flow down the drain.

emptying smart sink composter

3. Empty

Do your part for the planet and empty your Sepura bin either into a curb-side green bin program or your own backyard compost.

Nearly all your food scraps can be handled by Sepura

vegetables in composting garbage disposal

Fruits & veggies

Sepura can handle your fruits and veggies, peel and all!

meat in composting sink disposal

Meats & bones

Sepura can handle your meats, even the bones and fat!

bread in smart garbage disposal

Bread & grain products

Sepura can handle all of our bread & grains, even if dry!

soups in sepura composting garbage disposal

Soups & liquids

Sepura can handle all your soups and liquids that need separating!

herbs in sepura sink composter

Herbs & bits

Sepura can handle all herbs and small items 3mm and bigger!

foods accepted by sepura the sink composter

& much more

Sepura can handle any objects that fit in your 3" drain opening!

What’s In the Box

  • Sepura 1x
  • Countertop Button 1x
  • Wall Adapter 1x
  • Carbon Filter 1x
  • 3-Bolt Sink Mount 1x
  • Side Clips 1x
  • Drain Assembly 1x
  • Separator 1x
  • Screws 6x
  • Allen Key 1x

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Sepura comes with an optional dishwasher drain adapter that allows you to connect your dishwasher.

If you're on septic, you've probably heard from a plumber before never to put food scraps down your drain. With Sepura, that advice doesn't hold true as solids are separated out of your pipes at the source. In fact, Sepura captures more solid matter than a normal sink with nothing installed, so it's even more septic friendly than having nothing at all!

Sepura has been specifically engineered to clean itself as it operates, so there's no cleaning required by you.

Sepura utilizes a combination of controlled airflow, custom carbon filter technology, and a sealed compost bin to capture and neutralize odors before they escape.

Yes, the compost bin is designed to work with compost bags. You can also use the bin without compost bags, as the lining of the bin is stick-free.

Use our sizing calculator to ensure Sepura will work with your sink. Sepura uses a universal sink mount and features an adjustable height that works with sinks that have at least 17.3" to 22.3" of space.

Sepura sink composter diagram

Unparalleled technology

Flood Detection

Sepura has flood sensors on board that can predict and identify potential floods.

Precision Separation

Sepura's auger precisely collects all solids while allowing liquids to flow.

Non-Food Item Detection

Sepura will identify wayward forks, notify you, and allow you to remove them.

Built-in WiFi

Built-in WiFi allows your unit to continually improve via wireless firmware updates.