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Offset Adapter

A fit for all sinks.

The Offset Adapter ensures that Sepura will fit under an infinite number of sink designs, whether a brand-new sink or a 10-year-old retrofit.

A flexible solution.

The Offset Adapter allows Sepura to be offset from your drain by 3.5" (8.9cm) in any direction.

If your drain is near the front of your cabinet, the Offset Adapter will allow you to install Sepura further back.

If your drain is too close to the side of your cabinet, the Offset Adapater will allow you to install Sepura off to the side of your drain.

Different fit, same Sepura.

The Offset Adapter still allows you to use your Sepura unit as usual, the only difference being you won't be looking directly down your drain at the auger as it spins. This will not impact performance.

Frequently asked questions

The Offset Adapter allows you to offset your Sepura unit in any direction by 3.5", while requiring an additional 3" in height. To ensure a fit, start by referencing these dimensions. The key changes between that and using the offset chute are:

  • - Centre of drain to back of cabinet 6.9" --> 10.4"
  • - Centre of drain to front of cabinet 12.5" --> 9"
  • - Minimum space between bottom of sink and bottom of cabinet 17.3" --> 20.3"

Yes, installing the Offset Adapter simply involves adding the Adapter between the 3-bolt sink mount and the opening to Sepura's auger. It is a straightforward process and only adds one simple step to the installation.

We are in our final round of customer testing for the Offset Adapter and will make available as soon as possible. Make sure you sign up for our waitlist so that you'll be the first to know when it's available.