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We invite you to share Sepura's innovation with your clients by becoming a Sepura Trade Partner. Please register now if you still need to join us for one of our monthly webinars. If you have already joined us for a webinar, please apply to become a Sepura Trade Partner below!

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Trade Discounts

We offer volume-based tiered product discounts for all trade partners. The discount extended to you can always adjust if volume ends up increasing.

Custom Support

You will have a dedicated representative who will be able to answer any questions, comments, or concerns you may have about Sepura at any point in the process.

Referred business.

We frequently have customers asking us which contractors to use in their area to install Sepura. We would love to refer this business to you once you're in our Trade Program.


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Join our Trade Program and take advantage of perks like commissions, discounts, specialized support and care, and in some cases, a large volume of referred business.

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