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Sepura smart garbage disposal

Your Sepura is already updated.

No action required, we upgrade Sepura through WiFi for you with OTA (over-the-air) updates. This extends the life of your Sepura and improves performance.

Update Version 1.1.9.
March 18, 2024


Improved button click response.

Sepura's button is now more responsive, and will trigger a single orange LED light on Sepura to show the click was registered.

Improved motor stuck cycle.

Improved functionality of motor stuck cycle and detects objects faster.

Processing speed.

Overall performance in processing speed has been improved.

Personalized tech support.

New welcome page when connecting your device to Wi-Fi which allows you to claim your device for personalized tech support.


Yellow lights.

Fixed issues that was falsely triggering yellow lights flashing.

Fixed auger spinning.

Fixed issue where the auger would spin continously.

Purple lights appear when pressing and holding button.

The purple lights appear reliably and consistently after pressing and holding your button for software updates, calibration, and factory resets.

Software Update Version 1.1.5.

Improved flooding cycle.

The auger runs in reverse once at the end of a cycle, and Sepura ensures the valve is closed.

Bin sensor improvements.

The LED indicators are now more accurate in telling you how full your bin is.

Manually update.

Press and hold your countertop button until two purple LED indicators appear.

Bin recalibration.

Press and hold your countertop button until three purple LED indicators appear.

Factory reset.

To factory reset your Sepura and erase previous wifi credentials, press and hold your countertop button until four purple LED indicators appear.

Software Update Version 1.1.0.

Improved button response.

Enhanced sensitivity detects light, normal, and long presses accurately.

New light patterns.

Press and hold Sepura's button to better understand cycle status and container capacity through intuitive light flashes.

Smoother light effects.

Seamless light operation with gentler pulsing and transition effects.

Easier WiFi connection.

Increased connectivity and enhanced network disruption prevention.

Stronger WiFi enhancement.

Stronger signal improves reception for smoother operation.

Improved stuck cycle.

Enhanced recovery from jams and clogs for continuous function.

Improved flooding cycle.

Smarter drainage avoidance maximizes uninterrupted performance.

Automatic time zone updates.

Updates apply appropriately timed for your geographic location, improving over-the-air updates.

Secure operation upgrade.

Redundant monitoring prevents issues and protects operation, so we enabled multiple fail-safe checks throughout the system to keep operation smooth and protected.

Opt-in to test new features.

Test cutting-edge features and provide valued feedback before wide release.

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