Finally, an effortless way to protect your septic tank.

Put food down your sink while keeping your septic tank healthy. No risking leach field clogs, no excess sludge buildup, just effortless and odor-free food disposal.

Stop leach field clogs and reduce septic pumping.

No food enters your septic.

After washing food scraps down your sink, Sepura sends food 1/2 the size of a grain of rice and larger to the compost bin through patented food separation. Only liquids enter your septic tank.

Sepura stops sludge buildup.

When food continuously enters your tank, the bacteria can't break it down fast enough which causes sludge buildup. This leads to more frequent pumping to remove sludge buildup.

Stop leach field clogs.

Sludge buildup can flow out of your septic tank and into the outlet pipes leading to your leach field, this causes clogs and reduced drainage capacity. With Sepura, you won't have to worry about food causing this.

Keep your kitchen fresh and fruit flies away.

Air intakes & carbon filters.

Sepura uses air intakes to capture odor and release fresh air. A carbon filter sits on top of Sepura for double odor-filtration to keep your kitchen fresh.

Liquid-free compost bin.

Food scraps are completely separated from liquids when they enter your compost bin, so they don't sit in a smelly liquid. This decreases decomposition efficiency and reduces odor.

Sealed compost collection.

The collection bin has a sealed liner along the edges. When the bin is closed, no odor can escape through the cracks and is forced through the air intakes and carbon filter.

Sepura is built to last.

Lifetime software updates.

Our development team will continuously update your Sepura automatically to ensure it maintains its efficiency for years to come. Your Sepura will be updated through Wi-Fi and does not require any action from you to update.

Low power, minimal wear.

Sepura uses less power than an LED lightbulb while operating. The power-efficient motor does not require a large amount of torque and will operate at peak efficiency for years as the wear on the food separator over time is minimal.

Self-cleaning food separator.

The precision food separator uses patented technology to clean itself as food is separated from liquids. There's no maintenance required to clean the inside of Sepura, food won't get clogged, and water will naturally cleanse Sepura.

Wash all food waste down your sink without damage.

Sepura only allows liquids to enter your tank, all food 1/2 the size of a grain of rice and larger is sent to a liquid-free and odor-eliminating compost bin.

Protects your septic.

No food enters your septic tank.

Infrequent emptying.

Compost bin fills every 2-4 weeks.

Clean & easy.

Compost bin works with compost bags

Safe food disposal.

Uses an auger, no sharp grinding.

See if Sepura will fit under your sink.

Make sure measurements are from the interior of your cupboard.


Watch Sepura in action.

Handling soupy items.

28 seconds.

Handling peels & slippery items.

25 seconds.

Handling small items.

33 seconds.

Handling coffee grounds.

33 seconds.

What customers are saying

Awesome on septic

Our family home is on a septic field and even though we know we could techically use a disposal, we were worried that something would go wrong. When we found Sepura it seemed like the best of both worlds. We're enjoying ours a fair deal as it's makin having a clean kitchen easy.

Amy H. Verified Buyer

Loving it for our place.

Sepura is a true blessing for our septic system! We've always been wary of using a garbage disposal, but Sepura provides a safe and efficient alternative. No more worries about clogging our pipes – it's been a smooth experience and we're loving being able to just shove everything into our sink!

Jennifer L. Verified Buyer

Great for septic.

Sepura is a lifesaver! We always feared using a disposal on our septic system, but Sepura solves that problem. Composting is a breeze, and our septic stays healthy. Telling all our friends to get one! Thanks Sepura team!

Douglas B. Verified Buyer
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What's in the box


Food scraps 3mm & larger are sent here.

Wireless Button

Stick this button on your countertop.

Food Separator

Only sends liquid to your septic tank.

Carbon Filter

Keep fruit flies away and eliminate odor.

Wall Adapter

Uses less power than an LED light bulb.

Universal Sink Mount

3-Bolt sink mount for the perfect fit.

Side Clips


Drain Assembly




Allen Key


Sepura or Garbage Disposal?

Here’s a simple overview to compare the two

Garbage Disposal
Septic Friendly
Composts Scraps
Excess Sludge Buildup
Food Down Pipes
Clogs Pipes

“Sepura is great at keeping pipes solid-free and clean. I highly recommend it.”

Jason R, Septic Engineer
Keep Your Pipes Solid-Free

How to use Sepura

The future of septic food disposal.

Bacteria can't break food down fast enough when you use a garbage disposal. This causes sludge buildup and results in pumping your tank twice as much.

Food disposal should be easy, it shouldn't come with risk and damage. Keep your pipes clear, and septic system healthy with Sepura.

Keep your kitchen fresh and odor-free. Sepura's compost bin neutralizes odors with air intakes and a carbon filter.

Revolutionize food disposal.

Join 3,500+ homes in changing the way we deal with food waste.

Common questions

Sepura requires 12.5" of room from the middle of the pipe under your sink to the front of your cabinet. Sepura's height can adjust from 15.25" - 20.25" and comes with a universal sink mount. See our installation and support page for more details.

Yes. The compost bin is designed to accept standard biodegradable and compostable liners that are readily available. Sepura will have custom bags available as well. Alternatively, you can go linerless as Sepura's bin is stick-free.

Sepura comes with an optional dishwasher drain adapter that allows you to connect your dishwasher.

The compost bin fills up every 2-4 weeks on average, depending on use. Empty your compost into your curbside or backyard compost.

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