Sepura vs. Countertop Compost

Sepura smart garbage disposal
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Sepura or Countertop Compost?

Here’s a simple overview to compare the two.

Countertop Compost
Effort required All water and food scraps sent down your sink separated automatically. Move gross sink sludge to your bin while smelling last week’s dinner.
Odors Odors eliminated by Sepura's carbon filter and controlled air intakes. Odors are bearable at best and disgusting at worst.
Relationship health Fewer "discussions" due to less frequent emptying. Countless arguments about whose turn it is to take out the compost.
Emptying frequency Empty every 2-4 weeks enjoying peace of mind. Empty weekly to avoid the putrid odors being emitted.

Wash all food waste down your sink

Keep your pipes clear and clog-free while effortlessly composting. Sepura filters all food scraps 3mm and larger into an odor-proof compost bin, only liquids enter your pipes.

Wash all food scraps down your sink.

Compost bin fills every 2-4 weeks.

Compost bin works with compost bags.

Uses an auger, no sharp grinding.

What customers are saying

Kids are now cleaning!

It makes composting (almost) fun. Our kids have loved putting things down the drain and then opening the bin to make sure that the items made it through-- scraping their plates has become a post-dinner time game for them!! Would have paid double just for that alone, lol.

Christine A. Verified Buyer

Way more countertop space and way less mess

Composting without clutter is pure joy. I've been able to take my compost bin off my counter which has been awesome. Sepura does its job and is way better at collecting solids than I've ever been. It's also great because we're on septic, so we're loving how we're able to put everything down the drain without any worry. Big fan so far.

Todd F. Verified Buyer

Totally worth it.

Bought this recently and my husband wasn't too convinced. A couple weeks in and I think he loves it more than I do. No more smelly compost to deal with. No more disgusting sink strainer to empty out. No fruit flies. It makes composting a lot more pleasant to deal with.

Joanne F. Verified Buyer

How to use Sepura

The future of home food disposal.

Food disposal should be easy, it shouldn't come with risk and damage. Keep your pipes clear, and composting effortless.

Sepura is a high-tech garbage disposal replacement that kicks countertop compost bins to the curb.

Keep your kitchen fresh and odor-free. Sepura's compost bin neutralizes odors with air intakes and a carbon filter.

Revolutionize food disposal.

Join 3,500+ homes in changing the way we deal with food waste.

Common questions

Sepura requires 12.5" of room from the middle of the pipe under your sink to the front of your cabinet. Sepura's height can adjust from 15.25" - 20.25" and comes with a universal sink mount. See our installation and support page for more details.

Yes. The compost bin is designed to accept standard biodegradable and compostable liners that are readily available. Sepura will have custom bags available as well. Alternatively, you can go linerless as Sepura's bin is stick-free.

Sepura comes with an optional dishwasher drain adapter that allows you to connect your dishwasher.

The compost bin fills up every 2-4 weeks on average, depending on use. Empty your compost into your curbside or backyard compost.

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Sepura specs

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