Earn with Sepura.

Sepura is the world's first composting garbage disposal. Households across North America are excited by our innovation, and we want to work with you to harvest that excitement.

By recommending Sepura to their clients, our Sepura Trade Partners generate an average of >$20,000 annually for their business.

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Created for septic.

Designed to help septic fields, not harm them.

A big upgrade.

Simple to swap in place of a garbage disposal.

Helping the planet.

Diverts food waste from entering landfills.

Built to last.

WiFi connectivity allows for frequent updates.

3,000+ happy users.

Sepura has been installed in more than 3,000 kitchens. Customers love the convenience and innovation of our product, whether they swap it in for their garbage disposal, live on septic, or hate dealing with countertop compost bins.

Maximize your revenue.

Our most significant trade discounts are reserved for our Sepura Trade Partners. To become a partner, we invite you to attend our upcoming webinar on October 5th. Eligible attendees will be welcomed into our trade program and offered our most significant trade discounts ever.

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Become a Sepura Trade Partner.

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Make an average of $20k extra per year


Eligible webinar attendees can become a Sepura Trade Partner


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