How a composting garbage disposal protects your septic.

Thousands of homes across North America are using this to stop leach field clogs and pump their septic tank up to 50% less.

Septic systems are a vital part of many homes across America, and costly repairs cause homeowners to be extremely careful about what they put into their tanks...

Especially when it comes to food waste.

The risk of food entering septic tanks

Septic bacteria can't keep up with food continuously entering the tank, and that's a big problem.

This causes sludge buildup. Sludge is a naturally occurring part of a healthy septic system, but food waste causes excess sludge buildup leading to a range of issues.

  • Up to 2x as much septic tank pumping
  • Leach field clogging
  • The capacity of your tank decreases
  • Inefficient wastewater treatment

Expensive repairs and maintenance

The average price to pump a septic tank in the United States is about $250, and repairing a leach field clog is $1,000 to $5,000.

For most homeowners, letting food enter your septic tank simply isn't worth the risk.

Easy food disposal without septic risks

Sepura is a composting garbage disposal that separates all food washed down your sink into an odor-proof compost bin.

Only liquids drain down your pipes and into your septic tank.

No more excess septic tank pumping or risk of leach field clogs. Just clean, easy, and sustainable kitchen cleanup.

"Works well with septic systems, keeping food scraps out of tanks and reducing how often they need to be pumped."

No compost on your counter or emptying gross sink strainers

Streamline kitchen cleanup by washing leftovers off your dishes right into your sink and simultaneously collect scraps for your backyard or curbside compost.

Just press the wireless button and all scraps are filtered into a dry, odor-eliminating compost bin, only liquids drain.

Sepura keeps your kitchen fresh and free of fruit flies with a sealed bin, controlled air intakes, and odor-eliminating carbon filter.

Protect your septic.

Keep food out of your pipes and kick your countertop compost to the curb.

Frequently asked questions

Sepura requires 12.5" of room from the middle of the pipe under your sink to the front of your cabinet. Sepura's height can adjust from 15.25" - 20.25" and comes with a universal sink mount. See our installation and support page for more details.

Yes. The compost bin is designed to accept standard biodegradable and compostable liners that are readily available. Alternatively, you can go without a bag as Sepura's bin is stick-free.

Sepura comes with an optional dishwasher drain adapter that allows you to connect your dishwasher.

The compost bin fills up every 2-4 weeks on average, depending on use. Empty your compost into your curbside or backyard compost.