Stop overpaying for clogged pipes.

See the true cost of garbage disposals and how much it costs to repair clogged and damaged pipes.

Why you should care about food entering your pipes.

Many of the everyday foods sent down your drain can contribute to:

High Repair Costs

Flooded Sinks

Broken Sink Disposal

Environmental Harm

See the true cost of sending food down your pipes.

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What does food waste do to our pipes?

Here are a few common foods that can cause damage when sent down your pipes.

Rice & Pasta
  • Can clump together and keep your sink from draining
Potato Peels
  • Turn pasty when ground up in a disposal and can stick to your pipes and disposal grinder causing clogs
Bones & Pits
  • Can dislodge internal seals and disposal grinder
Fibrous Scraps & Raw Veggies
  • Can damage disposal like bones and pits by dislodging seals and grinder

Clear Pipes Start With Smart Food Disposal

Get the convenience of a garbage disposal without risk of food clogs or damage.

Sepura sends all food scraps to an under-sink compost bin, only liquids drain down your pipes.