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It's not turning on, not even the lights.

Things to check:

  1. Is it plugged in the wall and in the back of the Separator?
  2. Is there power to that wall plug?
  3. Check the connection inside the Collection Center (see Step 7 of installing Sepura).
  4. Restart the device.
Everything seems normal but nothing happens when I push the button.

First, check the lights on the Collection Center, if these are normal then restart Sepura by unplugging it and plugging it back in.

If that doesn't work, did you get a new button? This has to be synced with the device if you did (see instructions that came with the new button).


Sepura-Home Wi-Fi is not showing up.

Make sure the lights are glowing green on boot-up.

It may also take up to 10 minutes to create the access point, if not, restart Sepura by unplugging it and plugging it back in.

Landing page is not showing up when I connect to Wi-Fi.

Try putting in your modem’s IP address in the search bar of your browser in incognito mode (e.g.

Make sure your home Wi-Fi is connected to the internet and that it is 2.4GHz.

If trying to connect through a laptop, make sure your ethernet cable is disconnected.

Your phone's security might be blocking it, try going to a random website you don't visit often in incognito mode in your browser, this should bring it up. Try also hitting "forget Wi-Fi" on your phone.


The lights keep flashing yellow every time I start it.

This is because there is too much water, wait until it drains and then you can run it.

Lights are not turning on.

First, check that Sepura is plugged in and has power, then check the connection inside the Collection Center (see Step 7 of installing Sepura).

If these are all correct, restart Sepura.

There are some weird lights.

Have a look at our Status Indicator Lights page to find its meaning.

The volume indicators seem off.

Keep in mind these are meant to be an approximation to the bin level however, if the indicator lights seem way off, you might need to recalibrate the onboard sensors.

Follow the steps in page 18 for a manual bin calibration.


It keeps running back and forth but not pushing anything into the bin.

This is normal and is part of the flooded cycle. This will occur when there is too much water in Sepura.

I got something stuck in there.

No problem, you can hit the button again and see if that works, otherwise the auger will back up and allow you to remove the stuck item.

If things get really bad, then the front of the auger is equipped with a hex end that you can manually spin in any direction with an 8mm wrench.

To access it, open the trap door by pulling on the latch and door manually on the Separator. It might be easier to completely remove the Collection Center to get easier access.

Something is stuck spinning round and round and never moving forward.

You can either remove it or just leave it, it eventually gets unstuck with water or other things going down the drain.


Leak In the Collection Center.

Check the valve is closed by reaching in through the holes underneath the carbon filter.

Leak down the side of the Separator.

Check that it is properly mounted on the sink mount and tightened all the way.

Make sure there is a rubber gasket in place in between the Separator's drain opening and the sink mount to create a proper seal.

Was the sink mount properly installed? Any cracks anywhere?

Leak from behind, around the drain tube.

Make sure this is properly installed.

Leak from the housing behind the Separator.

Unplug Sepura right away and call technical support, there might be a physical crack.


Smell is coming from my sink, not below it.

Check if there is still food waste in the separator and run it to remove it.

Also check if the valve is closed by reaching through the opening under the carbon filter.

Smell is coming from the Collection Center.

First, make sure that the door to the Collection Center is fully closed and that there are no air leaks.

Second, check if Sepura was installed correctly by feeling the interface between the Separator and the Collection Center and making sure the padded ring pushes firmly against the Collection Center for an air-tight seal (see Step 8 in installing Sepura).

If there are still odors escaping, it might be time to replace the carbon filter.

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