DIY Compost Bin: Easy DIY Pallet Compost Bin & Tumbler Guide

diy compost bin
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Whether you're a seasoned gardener or new to the eco-friendly scene, building your own compost bin is a rewarding endeavor. Here's how you can make an easy DIY compost bin at home.

To make a DIY compost bin, secure 4 pallets into a U-shape for structure, use the fourth as a door by installing hinges. For a tumbler, mount a barrel on a frame to rotate. Add scraps, turn regularly, and enjoy homemade compost! See a detailed guide on making an easy DIY compost bin below.

This post will guide you through creating your own compost bin, exploring options from the simple and rustic pallet compost bin to the more sophisticated DIY compost bin tumbler. Get ready to transform your kitchen scraps and yard waste into garden gold.

To effortlessly collect your food scraps for your homemade backyard compost bin, look into Sepura - the composting garbage disposal. It separates solids from liquids so your food scraps aren’t too wet - which can cause harsh odor and disruption in your backyard composting.  

Tumbler vs. Pallet Compost Bin: Choosing What's Best for You

When diving into the world of DIY composting, two popular choices emerge: the compost tumbler and the pallet compost bin. Each has its own set of advantages, and understanding these can help you decide which one aligns best with your composting goals and lifestyle.

easy pallet compost vs tumbler

Tumbler Compost Bin

A tumbler compost bin is a sealed container that sits on a frame, allowing it to rotate. This design makes it easy to turn and aerate the compost simply by spinning the bin, which is crucial for speeding up the composting process.



Faster compost

More expensive

Easy to use

Smaller capacity

Less likely to attract pests

Best For: Those with limited space, such as small backyards or patios, or individuals looking for a quicker, more hands-off composting method.

Pallet Compost Bin

Pallet compost bins are constructed from wooden pallets arranged to form a simple, open container. They rely on manual aeration, meaning you'll need to turn the compost with a shovel or fork to ensure proper decomposition.



Inexpensive to make

Higher maintenance

Large capacity

Can attract pests & wildlife

Easy to modify

Best For: Garden enthusiasts with more space and waste, or those looking for an economical and customizable composting solution.

How to Make a DIY Pallet Compost Bin

Pallets are often free or very cheap, making them an ideal material for a DIY compost bin. Here's how to turn them into a functional part of your garden:

Materials Needed:

  • 4 wooden pallets (same size)
  • Nails and a hammer or screws and a drill
  • Optional: chicken wire, hinges, and a latch for the door

Step 1: Select Your Pallets

Choose four sturdy, equal-sized wooden pallets. Ensure they're free from chemical treatments for safe composting.

Step 2: Form the Base

Arrange three pallets in a U-shape on level ground, ensuring they're snug against each other.

Step 3: Secure the Corners

Hammer in nails to secure the pallets together at the corners, creating a stable three-sided structure.

Step 4: Add the Front

Attach the fourth pallet to the front as a door. You can use hinges for easy access or simply tie with a zip tie at the top and let it swing open.

Step 5: Enhance Structure (Optional)

For added durability, wrap the interior with chicken wire to keep smaller materials from slipping out.

Step 6: Start Composting

Fill your new bin with one part green matter (kitchen or yard scraps) and three parts brown (dry leaves, shredded paper) materials. Turn regularly.

How to Make a DIY Compost Bin Tumbler

For those with limited space or looking for faster composting, a DIY tumbler is a great option. Here's a simple way to build one.

Materials Needed:

  • Large plastic barrel or drum
  • 2x4 lumber for the frame
  • Bolts, nuts, and washers
  • Door hinge and latch
  • Drill and saw

Step 1: Prepare the Barrel

Ensure your barrel is clean and free from harmful residues. Drill several aeration holes around it.

Step 2: Construct the Frame

Build a sturdy frame from 2x4 lumber that can support the barrel. The frame should allow the barrel to sit horizontally and rotate.

Step 3: Install the Barrel

Secure the barrel to the frame using bolts, ensuring it's snug yet able to rotate easily. Use washers to minimize wear on the plastic.

Step 4: Create an Access Door

Cut out a section of the barrel to serve as a door for adding materials and retrieving compost. Attach it with a hinge and secure it with a latch.

Step 5: Fill and Rotate

Add compost materials to the barrel, close the door, and rotate the barrel regularly to mix and aerate the compost. Make sure you add one part green matter (kitchen or yard scraps) and three parts brown (dry leaves, shredded paper) materials for the best compost.

Effortless Food Scrap Collection with Sepura

Gathering kitchen scraps for your DIY compost bin or tumbler just got a whole lot easier, thanks to Sepura. This innovative composting garbage disposal seamlessly integrates with your kitchen sink, keeping fruit flies away and your kitchen clean.. 


Here’s why Sepura is a game-changer for DIY compost enthusiasts:

Effortless Separation: Sepura stands out by automatically separating solids from liquids. This means all your compostable kitchen scraps are conveniently collected without the hassle of manual sorting.

No More Mess: Forget about messy countertop compost bins or frequently emptying your sink strainer. Sepura collects everything directly from your sink, ensuring a clean and odor-free kitchen.

Direct Transfer: Once Sepura has collected enough scraps, transferring them to your DIY pallet compost bin or compost bin tumbler is a breeze. Simply remove the under-sink compost bin and empty it directly into your compost system.

Reduce Food Waste: Incorporating Sepura into your kitchen not only streamlines your composting process but also reinforces your commitment to sustainable living. By efficiently collecting every scrap, you're ensuring that nothing goes to waste.

Using Sepura, collecting food scraps becomes an effortless part of your daily kitchen routine, perfectly complementing your DIY composting efforts.

Embracing the DIY Compost Bin Journey

Whether you choose the rustic charm of a pallet bin or the quick efficiency of a tumbler, your garden will thank you. And as you watch your scraps transform into rich compost, you'll feel the direct impact of your eco-friendly choices.

Remember, the perfect compost bin is one that suits your space, lifestyle, and gardening needs.