7 Solutions for Under-Sink Simplicity

7 Solutions for Under-Sink Simplicity
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The space beneath the kitchen sink is one of the most notoriously disorganized areas in many homes. This critical spot houses essentials like garbage and recycling bins, yet often turns into a jumbled mess of cleaning tools, plastic bags, and random items. It's easy for the under-sink area to become an afterthought that's frustrating to navigate.

But it doesn't have to be this way! With some clever solutions, you can transform that cluttered cabinet into an organizational oasis. The under-sink space has tons of potential to become ultra-functional and streamlined. All it takes are some unconventional storage hacks and innovative products.

Maximize the space beneath your kitchen sink with these unconventional tips for a clutter-free, ultra-functional area.

1. Use Over-the-Cabinet Organizers

Take advantage of the vertical space above the sink by installing over-the-cabinet organizers. These wall-mounted systems have bins, shelves, and rods perfect for stashing extra sponges, scrubs, cleaners, and more. Gets them off the floor and frees up below-sink real estate.

Look for sturdy metal organizers that can handle the weight of filled spray bottles. Shelves with raised lips will keep items from sliding off. Make sure to measure the area carefully so the organizer fits flush against the wall. This prevents a gap between the cabinet and organizer where items could fall behind.

kitchen sink basket organizer

2. Use an Under-Sink Slide-Out Tri-Bin

Tri-bin waste sorters on drawer slides neatly sort trash, recycling, and compost without monopolizing floor space. Install a space-saving garbage disposal alternative like Sepura to maximize room for slide-out sorters.

Using separate bins makes it instinctive to correctly sort waste rather than having to pause and decide which receptacle to use. Labels on the lids clearly identify each bin's purpose as well.

3. DIY Peeled Paint Can Organizers

Don't toss empty paint cans - flip them upside down and mount them with peel-and-stick brackets to corral spray bottles and cleaning tools. The built-in handle is perfect for hanging lightweight items like brushes. Get crafty with recycling!

Paint cans are ideal for holding upright spray bottles or even utensils like spatulas and tongs. Their tapered shape can neatly organize items of different heights and widths. Make sure to remove any remaining paint first by fully drying out the can before screwing in the wall brackets.

4. Mount a Magnetic Strip

magnetic strip kitchen organizer

A magnetic strip transforms wasted cabinet door space into instant storage. Affix stainless steel mesh then use strong magnets to hold knives, scrubs, and small metal items in place. Perfect for lightweight kitchen tools you use daily.

Look for magnetic strips with ultra-strong rare earth magnets to securely hold tools. Make sure the strip is metal too - don't just stick magnets to the cabinet. The steel mesh surface maximizes magnetic power.

5. Use Tension Curtain Rod Storage

Install spring-loaded tension rods across the back wall of your cabinet. Drape dish towels over the rods for an instant place to stash and dry towels after doing dishes. No more soggy towel piles!

Tension rods compress to fit any cabinet width then spring back to hold towels securely. Place them high enough so towels don't drag on the floor. Getting damp towels up off the cabinet floor prevents mildew smells.

6. Try Under-Sink Drawer Organizers

under sink organizer

Maximize every cubic inch of space with pull-out under-sink drawers. Use for storing dish soaps, sponges, scrub pads, and cleaning supplies. Make sure to measure carefully! Drawers eliminate dark corners and "under" areas.

Look for full extension drawers that pull all the way out for full access. Customize the compartments with adjustable dividers and trays. Etching dividing lines into the drawer base can also help define sections.

7. Minimize Under-Sink Clutter with Sepura

Sepura under sink storage

Traditional garbage disposals monopolize precious space beneath sinks. For a compact, space-saving alternative, install Sepura. Its sleek design perfectly frees up room for pull-out drawer organizers, slide-out bins, and other smart storage hacks.


Get inspired to make the most of the under-sink space! With a bit of creativity and smart storage solutions, this often-neglected area can become the ultra-functional heart of your kitchen.

Clever organizing hacks introduce compartments, levels, and visibility that streamline storage and access. Customize with drawer organizers, slide-out bins, over-cabinet systems, and other innovations tailored to your needs. Mix DIY ideas like a paint can tools racks with space-maximizing products like under-sink drawer kits.

The result is a clutter-free, highly efficient under-sink area. Frequently used cleaning tools and supplies have dedicated homes rather than jumbling together in a dark cabinet. You'll gain storage space and make better use of vertical real estate. Cleaning and maintenance will become quick, painless processes instead of disorganized rummaging sessions.

With thoughtful organization and storage, the under-sink area transforms from a cramped afterthought to a functional dream space. A few upgrades create a serene, simplicity-focused environment that makes kitchen tasks oddly satisfying. Say goodbye to chaos and enjoy the many perks of an optimized under-sink oasis.