Sepura VS Garburator — Which Should You Choose?

Discover how choosing Sepura can change how you view the future of kitchen gadgets.

We’re still going through the global coronavirus pandemic. We may be in desperate need of indulging in some apartment therapy to cheer us up. That’s where Sepura comes in.

We’ve had our fair share of unpleasant experiences with garburators. What once seemed like a luxurious kitchen necessity is now are on its way out the kitchen door. Cities are either banning garburators or discouraging their use. Composting is becoming the preferred way to go about things.

So, why are garburators are being given cause for pause?

They’re not good options for food waste disposal. Garburators increase the need for water treatment. They also cause damage to pipes due to grease and fat build-up. Without fail, garburators allow food waste to enter our clear water system. Garbage disposal devices also result in higher costs for pipe maintenance and replacement. You can also expect higher operational costs at water treatment facilities. This can result in increased taxes (and no one wants that.)

What makes Sepura so different from garburators? 

It comes down to its effortless nature. Sepura has two components: the separator and the collection bin. The separator hooks up to your sink drain, and the collection bin sits beneath the sink. The system collects food waste solids from the drain. All you have to do is press a button. Sepura avoids grinding up your food waste and extracts it from your drain.

There are eye-catching features that make Sepura the right alternative in our eyes:

1. The quiet serene 

If you’ve failed to make your peace with the noisiness of garburator, Sepura can be your saving grace. With a low murmur, it’s much more ambient of a kitchen gadget to have around.

2. It’s environmentally friendly

This food waste disposal alternate is a much more eco-friendly alternative to garburators. It reduces water and power consumption. It facilitates food waste disposal and processes all organics. And yes, that includes eggshells and avocado pits.

3. Food waste in your drains, no more

Sepura keeps food waste out of drains. Once Sepura collects your food waste, you can compost the organic material yourself. Or you can place the organic waste in your curbside collection bin. With garburators, the amount of food waste extracted from drains is a glaring 0% compared to Sepura’s 95%.

4. No grinding = no chopped off fingers

We all know the somewhat rational fear of chopping off our fingers off with garburators. Sepura takes the softer approach by separating your food waste instead of grinding it. It sends nothing but liquid into the sewage line and makes us sleep easier at night.

5. One size fits all kitchens

With an adjustable bin height and universal sink mount, Sepura fits into any kitchen sink. Adapting to all sizes, it even provides a connection to built-in dishwasher drains.

6. No odors, no worries 

Sepura’s controlled airflow passes through its collection center, capturing odors. We never have to think about the often smelly and fruit fly-filled compost bin of days past.

“Composting at home is about to get a lot easier (and a lot less stinkier). ”

– Olivia Harvey, Apartment Therapy

Features aside, the data speaks for itself. An Australian study notes that the eutrophic impact of sending food down the disposal is three times larger than sending it to the landfill. The total amount of solid waste collected in Canada has increased by 3.5 million tonnes in the past 18 years. The average household utilizes 700 gallons of water a year just to push food down the drain. Sepura doesn’t even need water to operate.

“If you’ve been wanting to compost, this is the perfect device to get you started.”

The Gadget Flow

Studies show that 72 percent of Americans don’t compost at home, but 67% would be willing to do so if it was easier. Now that Sepura has made that possible, we don’t see why everyone shouldn’t get with the program. Sepura’s beautiful design paired with its cutting-edge food waste disposal technology makes it a total winner. All things considered, Sepura looks like a part of the future of kitchen tech that we can’t look past.

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