Compost to Fuel – Renewi Bioplant

January 26, 2020




Renewi Bioplant is Surrey’s newest $68M facility that takes the city’s compost and turns it into renewable resources. We were able to step inside one of the anaerobic digestion tunnels which, altogether, can hold up to 5 thousand tons of organic waste materials. These organics are picked up from residential and commercial areas in Surrey and are brought to the facility by truck. They are then put through a series of grinding, fermenting and digesting, producing natural gas to put back into the grid. The remainder of the materials are then composted and distributed to local companies to be used as landscape compost and fertilizer. 

What about the smell you ask? The facility’s ventilation provides a negative pressure that holds the odours inside the building. For more information on the facility see: Renewi Bioplant.

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