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  • Autostop: Automatically shuts off after completing its separation process

  • Non-food detection: Autodetects large non-food items when running

  • Flood detection: Detects water level in your sink and will alert you if its flooding

  • Self-cleaning: Its self-cleaning technology allows the filter to stay free of organic buildups and odors

  • Volume indicator: Light indicators on the front of the collection center let you know how full it is

  • Adjustable bin height: The Collection Center's height is adjustable to fit all kitchens

  • Self installed: Its standard parts and simple connections make it easy for DIY installation

  • Bin Volume: 1.8gallons/6.7L

  • Collection Center Dimensions: 15.5in/39cm - 19.5in/50cm [height], 10.25in/26cm [width], 10.25in/26cm [depth]

  • Aperature diameter: 3in/7.6cm

  • Sink mount adapter: Universal 3-Bolt Mount Sink Flange Kit (included)

  • Dishwasher adapter: 0.5in/1.27cm ID barbed hose adapter (optional)

  • Drain pipe: Standard 1.5in/3.81cm discharge pipe

  • Power source: Standard wall plug [AC 100-240V ~1.6A 50-60Hz]

  • Power consumption: 60Watts when running, daily average: 0.67Wh

  • Collection Center Filter: Replaceable activated charcoal 0.2in/0.5cm [thickness] filter

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